Schedule & Concerts


The Summer School has been organized in 2 blocks of 2 days each and at 4 different levels (beginners, elementary, intermediate, and advanced) and classes of 75 minutes each (with some exceptions like some collective sessions).

The levels are only indicative and are not strict or closed categories and participants can change levels depending on their own choice and experience with the different genres offered. The beginners level is suitable for those participants who have no experience of shakuhachi or who are working on sound production and basic fingerings. If you are unclear about which level sessions you should take, we will be happy to help you decide on the first day of the Summer School.

Participants choose which options they wish to take and take those sessions for the first 2-day block. They can then take the same or different options for the second 2-day bloc. In addition, there are some activities such as ‘Body and breath in practice’ and ‘Composing for contemporary shakuhachi’ which are offered as one-off sessions during the event.

Shakuhachi Making Workshops:

Two different 2-day Workshops are being offered; one for beginners, the other for advanced makers. The beginners workshop is already full but a reserve list of names is being kept on a first-come-first-served basis in case anyone drops out. The advanced workshop is for those who already have experience in making shakuhachi but who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the making process (you will need to bring your own self-made instrument for this).

The beginners workshop will take place during Thursday and Friday while the advanced will be held during Saturday and Sunday always following the same overall times.

Please download SUMMER SCHOOL SCHEDULE here


KSK Honkyoku
Elementary: Tamuke, Honshirabe
Intermediate/Advanced: Daha, Shingetsu, Sanya (3 valleys)
Advanced: Yamagoe
Kinko Honkyoku
Intermediate/Advanced 1: Takiotoshi
Intermediate/Advanced 2: Kyushu Reibo
Zensabo Honkyoku
Elementary: Kyushu Reibo, Honchoshi, Sagari-ha
Intermediate/Advanced: Shin’ya
Chikuho Honkyoku
Elementary: Yamato choshi
Intermediate/Advanced: Oshu nagashi
Elementary: Shin Takasago
Intermediate/Advanced: Iso-chidori
Elementary: Nantou Tansai no Fu
Intermediate/Advanced: Emu
Experimenting with Min’yo using improvisation, and playing melodies
Elementary: Kuroda Bushi, Hie Tsuki Bushi
Let’s blow Contemporary from traditional to contemporary, steps in the process of creation

NB: If you are unfamiliar with the notation of these styles, you may be advised to take the Elementary classes first.
Please note that this list may be subject to change.